Back to School Maple Landing Style

Summer is finally over which means one glorious thing: the kids are back in school! At Maple Landing we know how excited parents are for the kids to be back in school, but we also know that means parents have a busy schedule ahead of them. Whether it’s the school drop offs and pick ups, to the kids’ activities, practices, homework, open houses, or a million other things that come along with school being back in session, you are a busy bee! Planning dinner should be the last thing on your mind. Why not stop into Maple Landing and enjoy a delicious meal with us. It’s the perfect opportunity to sit down as a family and rest for a bit. Plus, it gives you a great opportunity for the kids to tell you all about their new grade, their new teacher, and what lies ahead for the year.


Fun for the Kids

While you wait for your food to be cooked, there is so much for the kids to enjoy at Maple Landing. One of our favorite features is our airplane photo booth at Maple Landing! What kid doesn’t love a photo booth?! As a proud member of the Dallas Love Field neighborhood, we love giving our customers a unique aviation-themed experience  from the art on our walls (both interior and exterior) and in our photo booth. Take the kids into the booth and you can take hope some great memories of the start of the school year at Maple Landing! Designed with stainless steel to look like you’re sitting inside of a plane, the interior is lined with custom, hand painted artwork by Alli K Designs. It makes for an awesome picture and a great memento to take home with you. It’s definitely something the kids won’t forget. And of course, we also have Pac-Man because everyone loves playing Pac-Man and your kids will, too!



Our awesome menu includes something for everyone in the family to enjoy. A big hit with every palate is burgers and brisket. At Maple Landing we’ve got a great selection of both! We have so many burgers for you to choose from, it might be hard for everyone to decide! Try our Bacon Avocado Burger (served with cheddar on a challah bun), our Patty Melt (served with bourbon'd onions, swiss, Maple Landing mustard on marble rye), our Kimchi Burger (served with Gochujang spiced mayo on a challah bun), our Bourbon BBQ Burger (served with goat cheese, house pickled jalapeños on a challah bun) or our 737 Burger (served with lettuce, tomato, onion, maple landing high sauce on a challah bun).

We look forward to seeing you soon!