Bounds of Bourbon at Maple Landing!

Just like with our Beer Menu, Maple Landing Has created an Awesome Bourbon List To Go Along With Your Delicious Burger (Or One Of Our Other Awesome Food Items). We Are Especially Proud Of The Great Selection Of the local and state spirit producers we are providing. Check Out What We’ve Currently Got Ready To Be Poured For You!

Bourbon / Rye Whiskey

Your first question might be “What is the difference between bourbon, rye, whisky, and scotch?” We know it can be a little tricky, so let’s start with the basics. To put it in simple terms, Whiskey is made from distilling a fermented grain mash. Bourbon whiskey is made from distilling a fermented grain mash that is made of at least 51% corn. In addition, you can only call it “Bourbon” if it is made in the United States. With Rye whiskey, instead of 51% corn, it is made with 51% rye. In order to be called “straight” both must be aged for 2 years. Scotch is whiskey that is made in Scotland, made predominantly from malted barley instead of corn.

Our List

Ok so now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, what does Maple Landing offer? Oh, we have so  many options! Our Bourbon/Rye Whiskey list consists of great options like Acre Distillery Single Malt, Basil Hayden's, Bookers Bourbon, George T Stagg Bourbon, Hochstadters Slow 'N Low, Old Fitzgerald 9yr Bottled in Bond, Rhetoric 24yr and 25 yr (Orphan Barrel), Thomas Handy Rye, WhistlePig 12 yr Old World, Wild Turkey Bourbon, and Thomas Handy Rye.

Maple Landing-087.jpg

We also have selections of Scotch including Laphroaig 10yr, Bruichladdich Port Charlotte, Isle of Jura 10yr, The Balvenie 12 yr , DoubleWood, and Dalmore King Alexander III.

Our Food

Once you’ve selected your cocktail, it’s time to pair it with one of our delicious appetizers, burgers, brisket, or other delicious food items. Choose from our appetizers like our  Southwest Hummus (served with pita, carrots & celery), Maple Landing Queso (served with tortilla chips & housemade potato chips), or Tuna Poke (served with tortilla chips, quick pickled veggies, smoked fresno sauce, & avocado), or Maple Landing Burnt Ends Brisket Chili (with white cheddar, sour cream, chives, & cornbread). Try our Maple Landing Turkey Burger (with mushrooms & onions, gouda, horseradish mayo, challah bun) or our 737 Burger (with lettuce, tomato, onion, maple landing high sauce, challah bun). And our brisket offerings are amazing with options like our Sliced Brisket Sandwich (with slaw, house pickled jalapeños, bourbon bbq sauce, hoagie, choice of side) or our Brisket Poutine (housemade fries, white cheddar curds, brown ale gravy).

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Stop in today for some bourbon!