All About Fun at Maple Landing

At Maple Landing, we want you to enjoy everything about your experience from the moment you walk in our doors until you leave. From our great menu selection of food, to our bourbon, beer, and cocktail lists, to our awesome airplane photo booth, you’ll have a blast at Maple Landing!

Yes that’s right, we have an airplane photo booth at Maple Landing! We are proud to be part of the Dallas Love Field neighborhood and want our customers to feel all the love of aviation. Not only will you enjoy unique aviation-themed artwork on our walls (both interior and exterior), you can hop in our photo booth and take hope some great memories! Designed with stainless steel to look like you’re sitting inside of a plane, the interior is lined with custom, hand painted artwork by Alli K Designs. It makes for an awesome picture and a great memento to take home with you.

Maple Landing-027-2.jpg
Maple Landing-051-2.jpg
Maple Landing-036-2.jpg

And once you grab your snapshots, swing on over to our Pac-Man machine! Yep, we’ve got Pac-Man just for you! How many places can you go to with an airplane photo booth and Pac-Man? We’re guessing the answer is one: Maple Landing!

Maple Landing-058-2.jpg

And what’s more fun than dessert? Try our scrumptious Banana Bourbon Bread Pudding, which comes warm and served with candied Texas pecans. Can you say yum?! Also we have a truly decadent Lemon Crème Brûlée, served with blueberries. Why have regular crème brûlée when you can have lemon crème brûlée, right? Just look at this beauty:

Maple Landing-018.jpg

And what better to top off the fun than with a refreshing cocktail? We’ve crafted a great menu of Maple Landing Specialty Drinks! Try our classic Margarita, Texas Mule, Wild Turkey & Coke, Old Fashioned, Texas Blueberry Mojito, Dallas Gimlet, or a Red River Fizz.

Maple Landing-046-2.jpg

 Stop on by and see us today for a night of fun you won’t forget!