All About The Beer At Maple Landing!

Like our neighbor Social Pie, Maple Landing, Has created an Awesome Alcohol Menu To Go Along With Your Delicious Burger (Or One Of Our Other Awesome Food Items). We Are Especially Proud Of The Great Selection Of Beers (Both On Draft And In A Can). Check Out What We’ve Currently Got Ready To Be Poured For You!


I think we can all agree that a nice cold draft beer makes everything better, right?! Well when you stop in to Maple Landing, we have plenty to choose from. We’ve got a great selection of crafts beers, as well as your favorite standard beers.

First let’s get to the Craft Drafts. We have some great craft beers like the Devout Creme Brulee (Nitro) Stout, which is a brew is filled with notes of toffee, chocolate, caramel, vanilla and roasted coffee. A beer devout to our calling - divine taste, true to tradition. This beer is from Texas brewery 3 Nations Brewing, with 8.3%ABV and 25 IBU. We also have the delicious Blood & Honey Pale Wheat Ale, which is an unfiltered deep golden ale made with malted two row barley and wheat. The brew is finished with Blood Orange zest, local Texas honey and other spices that bring special flavors to this unique beer. Coming from Revolver Brewing in Granbury, Texas, it has 7% ABV and 20 IBU. Another great option is the True Love Sour Ale, which is kettle soured and very refreshing. Raspberries are added in the fermenter which provide a purple hue and slight sweetness. Give it a try. You'll fall in love with True Love, one can at a time. With summertime right around the corner, True Love is your best option for a poolside brew. Grab the cooler, pickup some ice, and crash your neighbor's pool party. Maybe snag an extra 6pack and be sure to spread the love. From Martin House Brewing Company nearby in Fort Worth, Texas, it has 5.2% ABV and 4 IBU.

Our Standard Drafts include Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite, and Dos Equis Lager Especial.

Maple Landing-059-2.jpg

Cans, Cans, Cans

If you want a can of beer, we’ve got you covered there as well! We have favorites like Dallas Blonde Blonde Ale straight from local brewery Deep Ellum Brewing Company in Dallas, TX. This shimmering, golden ale combines citrusy and floral American hops with Pale, Vienna and Wheat malts and has 5.2% ABV 23 IBU. Try an El Super Bee De Saison Saison / Farmhouse Ale from Four Corners Brewing Company in Dallas with 8% ABV and 23 IBU. This beer is a freestyle Saison using a smashing combination of locally sourced honey, Belgian yeast, rye malt & dry-hopping. Unleashed is a high-flying smack of citrus & spice. Or how about a More Cowbell Double IPA IPA - Imperial / Double from Buffalo Bayou Brewing in Houston, TX with 9% ABV and 118 IBU ? No matter what you choose, we know you’ll be happy!

Keep up to date with all of our beers on draft and cans by checking our Beer List on our website. We look forward to pouring you a cold one soon!